Permanent recruitment

A to Z Placement Services permanent recruitment services offer a high-quality, professional recruitment service in all domains where we specialize. We have access to a bast resumes database of quality resumes & access to major job portals, social networking sites & associate in major cities who help us to keep the database growing. All the resumes database collected through various sources & marketing strategies.

Our Recruitment Process can be categorized into three phases, namely: -
• Planning – Structure, Focus, Identify, Prepare
• Implementation – Contact, Motivate, Evaluate
• Closure – Select, Offer, Candidate Joining

At A to Z Placement Services, we carefully follow the best-designed recruitment & selection process. Which starts right from? 
Client Mapping - Understanding the client's existing activities & future plans, Organisation Structure, Expansion Plans, and Perpendicular Integrations & Staff needs

  • Job Mapping - Job title, Principal Accountabilities, Working Terms.
  • Candidate Search - Database, Executive, Talent Search.
  • Profile Mapping - Evaluation Offer Negotiation & Finalizations, Joining Formalities.

What is the end result?
• The positions are filled quickly with the right staff
• You hire employees who possess the traits of an exceptional performer
• You receive an effective, outsourced staffing solution

How is it done?
A to Z Placement Consultancy communicate/meets with the relevant managers to assess your recruiting requirements. Right from there, we will work to understand your corporate strategy, objectives and workplace culture. This will allow us to analyze the key skills, knowledge, and behaviors required for each position required in your organization. A to Z Placement Consultancy will then be able to send you a short-list of the best candidates based on your requirements.